Monday, December 17, 2007

. . . its all about the money . . .


oh good god n gosh... bonus season is soon to arrive! o me o my! what kinda shit am i gonna buy eh? :-)

hehehe... so suddenly shop owners have big wide smiles n r so very kind to everybody n our mail starts to get clogged up with news, offers, sales etc. oh god. how is a person to survive such a mental ordeal?

hahaha... my money issues? o hell yeah i got issues. seems that these past few months have been such a hole burner in my wallet. yes, we cant stop spending, thats a fact. but then again, there is no stopping u from overspending!!! why do things seem so very buyable when salary day is close.

aite, so m doing some shopping on my items that i need to bring to geneva next year. so far ive bought toothpastes, shampoos, a suit, 1 long sleeved shirt... shaving blades... erm... a freakin big bag. underwear, stockins... did i miss anything yet? theres still more to buy. i havent even bought a thick coat, it'll still b d cold season in january. oh gosh.... i hope my bonus will be enuff... the airplane ticket already did d job on taking a huge chunk of my salary last month... oh good gosh.

obtw, u guys try to get to watch 'i am legend'. terrifically scary-splendid. good job on it. a huge challenge to resident evil.