Monday, January 14, 2008

. . . far, far, far away from home . . .


never did expected this to come to me... foreign land... foreign food... expensive stuff... whoa! such a brand new perspective of life right now.

i miss my parents, i miss my honeypie mama pooh bear... miss a lot of things. i especially miss the cheap stuff sold in our stores back in brunei. hahaha... but there r things dat i like here, buses r owes on time, beautiful scenery (although i pass by them so quick), different cultures either in language, nations or (gasp!) food!... hehehe...

might be a while before i get used to things. need to learn more of french n german. its so hard not knowing the main language here. need to find someplace to stay too. well, i am staying with a friend but i prefer living alone coz its much easier that way. i just have to concentrate on myself :)