Monday, February 11, 2008

. . . house hunting . . .


god its hard to find a place to stay in geneva. well, there r a lot i mean. but to get something within ur budget is the matter here. i cant afford expensive things (unless i have a magical tree which grows money).

but on d bright side, i love geneva. i mean its cold n everything now but i love the city. i grew up in a quiet environment all my life n so suddenly everything is fast n noisy. almost everything is expensive. i could even count how much i brought ever since i've been here. i've been dying to get my hands on an aasics (shoes). my nike's dying on me n starting to bite my ankle, not to mention it can turn water to poison.

theres another thing i love here. the internet. oh gosh. its so developed. beats the one back at home (u know what i mean). donwloading n streaming has never been so fun for me. for example like today, i've been sitting in my room n surfing all day long. i only gone down to d kitchen to eat n had lunch for 5 minutes n then i went back to my room. n here i am again surfing the net. i think i need to buy a new pc coz my laptop isnt built to withstand long hours of usage.

i have yet to travel around the city n countryside. i cant wait to go out to the nearby countries. we got like germany in the north, spain n italy to the south... france to the west... errr... i forgot what was on the east... but anyway, i'm looking forward to travel around here. by plane i mean. by car... oh god. i went to this place called Lugano (i think it was half an hour from Milan). it took us half a day to get there. by the time we were home, it was already near 11am. funny thing is, we only went into 3-4 shops! god... time is really quick here. i wish they open till 10pm though. shops close early here n sundays, no shops are open. i guess the government wants to give the people some time to relax n reduce tax payments. i think.

oh and about the apartment... i havent found 1 yet. hope to find 1 quick.