Wednesday, March 19, 2008

. . . moving on . . .


finally, after weeks of searching for an apartment (i think it took 2 months... cant remember), i actually got one near d city centre. good gosh it was exhausting n ridiculously frustrating. just to get an apartment (more like a room with everything in it) takes u through a lot. now comes the matter of moving. aiya... i can barely drive already for the past few days.

i accidentally let the rim cover fly off to the other side of the road after nudging hard a stable. its a good thing i didnt overturn the car or i would be in more big sh*t.

it didnt fit back coz i shattered one of its clips which hooks on to the rim... then in no time at all, after i gave to key to a colleague, it was no surprise when he told me it went missing when he drove on the highway... my bad. well, i'll get a brand new set of rim covers at the end of the month. hey, at least i told the truth n didnt blame anyone for it. sometimes the truth can be very comforting... in some ways.

so, moving. theres gonna b a 5-day holiday starting thursday (WOHHOOOOO...!) so i might as well borrow the van again. i dont have much stuff but almost everything is heavy. not to mention i still have to think about how to carry my kitchen stuff. i dont even have enough boxes. to top it off, the apartment i got is so small. not that i dont like it, i love it. its just the thought of working out how to fit everything in there.

then theres an issue of cooking my daily meals. i got one window n no exhaust fans. even the toilet doesnt have an exhaust fans (its gonna reek f i 'drop heavy bombs'). i dont think i could fry too much things... which is quite annoying coz i brought like fish fingers, salmon, steaks, chicken... things u love to fry or stir fry or whatever it is that u do that makes it smoke up in the kitchen. but heck, i'm bound to think of a way. insyallah.

next is the cupboard. OMG, its sooo f**kin big n heavy. i could feel my a**shole pucker up so hard when i tried pushing it. it didnt even bugde... not even a tiny bit. darn it. m not that of a very 'home decor' guy, but i have this tendency to make everything proper. it just doesnt seem nice to see a big fat cupboard covering half your window. even if the room is small, i do like to make it seem bigger by arranging the furniture carefully.

but i can see its nice n cosy. even being close to the city, the surroundings are quite calm even during midday where the streets r busy with hungry-lunch goers. it even has wireless internet (payable hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly...), mcdonalds is just a 3 minute walk away (but my only options r chips n fish burgers... n normal drinks)... shopping malls (be it high-end or supersavers)... n d thing i love most, just a stone throw away to the trams or buses. i just cant speak french yet...

m gonna miss the ambassadors' house. been in it when i came to geneva till this very moment... this is my last week here. feels so sad to leave such a beautiful house... n the washing/drier machines... especially the free wireless internet.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

. . . geneva auto show . . .

... if only i had unlimited cash in the bank ...