Wednesday, July 30, 2008

. . . feeling blue on an orange night . . .


i was really looking forward to watching X-Files premier in Geneva last night at the hyped up OrangeCinema which was located smack right near the lake. it was absolutely beautiful. i mean, clear sky (for a while), watching the sun setting as we wait for the movie to start n d cool breeze of night.

the cinema was jammed packed with avid X-Files fan, each n everyone bringing either jackets, towels, pillow, chips, drinks... just to get comfy while watching the movie. i was there early. too early. i came in around 8pm just so that i could get good seats. i really did... since there wasn't anyone around. i was frankly surprised for a moment thinking that not many people really like paranormal movies. then as i was checking out my ticket, i realised the movie was gonna play around 930pm... boy was i baffled. i mistakenly took 2130hrs to be 830hrs. i can be really foreign when it comes to numbers. argh... but no worries. there was food n the view was absolutely beautiful as u can see from the pictures.

so, it drizzled a bit so i ran off to the counter to get a disposable raincoat. to my dismay, some a-hole took over my seat. i don't blame him coz the cinema had free seating so i had to find another one which was quite ok. as long as i'm in the back-middle seat, i'm all fine n dandy. it didn't take long for the rain to settle down n a few seconds after that, they started lifting up the screen n played on with the adverts (don't u just hate that?)...

i had this notion that something was gonna happen coz the speakers weren't giving out good sounds. n the adverts kept on missing voices n there were some glitches as well.

my fear came true, just after 5 minutes that the movie played, it suddenly stopped n they announced something about a technical problem. i could see people grunting n shouting out disappointments as well as moving to the exits. since i didn't understand pretty well what the commotion was all about, i went n checked with one of d ushers. to my sadness, they said the movie was cancelled. ARGH!...

but i was relieved that they reimbursed my ticket on the way out so all n all, i wasn't too angry about it. just disappointed that i couldn't see the movie. went back straight home n slept through the lonely movieless night...


Monday, July 28, 2008

. . . dire needs . . .


based on my experience of living in a small apartment (furnished) for the past half a year of 2008, if there's one thing that i dont like, its about not being able to add anything in it.

one, its small so basically u can't fill in too much items which r bulky or big. two, its furnished so u can't put out the items that are already in it (plus its OLD). and three, the most necessary of all, the lack of money. the third being my biggest problem of all. as we usually are at the end of the month, we keep checking our banks hoping that the numbers increase from the neutral $0.00 we always have by the middle of the month. quite funny but its done by everyone who r working. regardless of who u r.

so, things that make me try to tie my wallet with a barbed wire this month... lets see... there's cool movies coming up this month in theaters around geneva (premiers can be late here sometimes... tomorrow is X-Files n the next few weeks will be the Dark Knight... n we have to be kinda picky coz most r in French subs/voiceovers)... then there's d holidays coming up so i planned to go to IKEA to buy some house products eg. pots n pans, small furniture or maybe boxes for my dvds/clothes... oh yeah, the most obvious, summer sales. GOD! so this is summer... i've never gone through 4 seasons so this is my first time by the way...

the movie tickets, i can handle. the other two, is such a burden or pleasure.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

. . . it's here . . .


god almighty... how am i supposed to ignore such a thing? its here for pete's sake! it's everywhere. it's offering irresistible offers which no one in the right mind would resist! it's just feels so close of holding it n i could just cuddle it in my clumsy hands... why? why? why is technology so good these days? well... not al of em. but then again, WHY???

look at it. aren't u attracted to it? so slick n sexy. so arrogant yet suttle. i've read lots of reviews on it. most love it, n some are just disgusted by it. one thing that is true, that its just something to showoff. to me, being a non-businessman myself, wouldnt know what to do with it. another fact is, when i bring it back to Brunei, would it work as properly as it works here? i dunno...

but still, i wana get my hands on it. but then again, i tend to turn away from it. obvious reason is that i dont have a luxury of cash at the moment. given a bit more time, maybe. but should i or shouldnt i? that is the question...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

. . . bundle(s) of joy . . .


i guess its d month of happiness this july. i recently got news of 2 beautiful baby girls born... such sweet little things. makes u just wanna bite their red cheeks. hehehehehe... i love babies. i really do.

congrats to my Mama Bear's aunt (Babu Ayung) for having a cute baby girl. err... i didnt catch d name by the way. sorry, anyway, shes beautiful. n so is the person holding her (^^,) i love you Mama Pooh Bear...

and also to 'Uncle' Binjai (LOLs!!!), congrats on d birth of ur sister's baby, Siti Umairah Maisarah. awesomely cute... hehehehe...


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

. . . zermatt . . .


for more on Zermatt, pls visit from there, u can find out more stuff on the beautiful place. hahahha... short intro on it eh?

ok, that is official information on it. so now its my turn to give my point of view during my short visit there. its such a beautiful n peaceful place. like i said (i think i mentioned it) its a perfect place for those who wants to get away from city life. no cars here except for the mini-bus taxis n a few horse carriages. the rest, uses d original means of transport, walking.

getting there, i went there using a train from Geneva to Visp, then changed to another train for d journey to Zermatt. all n all it took around 2.5-3 hours. not a bad trip. bring along any books, ur Ipod... some food if u like... just to kill the time of d journey. but for those who like d scenery, its a good option to look out the windows. its very nice. especially when u get to d part where u can see the lake.

Zermatt: its not such a big place. based on what i saw, its basically situated in a valley. all shops n hotels there r run by family members so it isn't surprising to see similar names on the shops. oh d one i love the most is the McDonald's fast food restaurant branch here. its so cute, built up with wooden planks. it gives u d traditional swiss feeling.

and for those tourists who love to buy souvenirs, this is one place which can be a small heaven of those famous swiss knives, t-shirts as well as my favorite, chocolate.

again, its not hard to choose. the main shops r all on one street. u can go around (back n forth) in just a matter of minutes. no sweat at all (since its quite cold anyway). its definitely perfect. i really love the peacefulness of Zermatt. i mean, u can always go to the top to see Matterhorn. its one of those tall mountains n also if ur into skiing. going up once was enough for me as i am afraid of heights. i've been to Charmonix as well but it wasnt such a good memory there.

anyway, yeah. i would recommend those who love skiing n trekking thru snow to go up to the Matterhorn. Theres a restaurant as well upstairs n it isnt that expensive at all. but i definitely love the view of Zermatt from above. its beautiful n breath taking. one should go up at least once, not a dare, its a recommendation.

those who love cheese (i'm not an avid fan after getting a sniff off of cheese fondue) is also welcomed to Zermatt. a few of our group went for Cheese Raclette. its a basically melted Gruyere cheese served with boiled potatoes or vegetables. they loved it. me? i steered as far away as i can to avoid the smell. one tip: don't eat fondue indoors. another tip, if u eat it, stay away from me, i mean.

its not that i dont like cheese. i just cant stand d smell of really mature cheese. it actually tastes good in ur mouth. if u can get past the smell, then its a go for you. me, i will try it, insyallah. after d fear of d smell is settled.

most restaurants r situated inside a hotel so i would say if u do stay here, try n find a good hotel (theres lots ranging from small-cheap to big-expensive ones) where theres a restaurant in it. for me, i'll stick to McDonald's. theres even skiing in the summer. u can also rent the equipment from the shops situated almost everywhere in Zermatt. i dont know the taxi fare as i was involved in a package visit so everything was included.

my last impression of Zermatt, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. go there.