Thursday, January 28, 2010

. . . havent't got a clue . . .


i dont really know where to start. i dont know exactly what to write. hmm... apart from the cold is really getting colder each day (i usually thought the cold will only be in december and that christmas 25th is always the day that snows...) nothing much has happened.

the search for an apartment is not as stable as i thought it would be. it really sucks to go out and visit apartments in the cold. especially those which are far away from my normal areas. but despite that, my savings has really boomed. so either way, i still feel good. apartments can wait. although one fact has boiled up my head.

i cant seem to deny the fact that i would be purchasing a video game console soon. i just feel all so giddy whenever i have a glance at a game console. i'm setting my eyes on the XBOX360. my usual is the Playstation but hey, theres no harm in a change.

i am quite worried though. i might not be as young as i think. i remember playing Metal Gear Solid for a straight day (i know some people are more worse but to me, thats bad enough... hence the addition of another set of eyes) but the thought of playing again. hmmm... i hope i havent lost my tough. i played MGS on the PS3 and it didnt take long for my brain to hurl and sway. graphics nowadays are way off better than my days before. god i sound old...

frankly my target is to get the three popular consoles; PS3, XBOX360 and the Wii. at the moment, i think Wii would be a last resort as i need space (which i dont have now) so i'll just stick to the first two consoles.

one thing that will change drastically, my weekends will never be the same. or in this case, i will never see the light of day... i think...