Saturday, December 31, 2011

. . . back to blogging . . .


never did i intend an unplanned hiatus from blogging. i've only realized/remembered about the existence of my blog a few minutes ago. never too late though. and just in time to close 2011. i never also got to know why i took the hiatus. i guess i have to blame it on lack of ideas on what to write exactly.

i think i need to divert or find a way to rectify, modify and set a new direction for my blogging days ahead.

all this while its been too much of my own inner insane thoughts. daily life isn't that much interesting nor boring at the same time. then again, i would blame it again for being too intimate (wonder if that is correct for this sentence) with my game consoles.

not that i am a true gamer, but i do spend as much time on it as i spend being online with my laptop. i feel like a male version of Major Motoko Kusanagi. except i'm not sexy. don't kill anyone. not jumping from building to building. not a cartoon. ok this is getting nowhere. basically what i'm trying to say is that i'm too wound up with the internet rather than my reality.

so hence, starting 2012, i'll try my best to make use of this blog. not only to myself but probably to others as well.