Wednesday, June 6, 2012

. . . state of mind . . .

sometimes i wonder if its worth to be positive for someone else

Saturday, June 2, 2012

. . . ASFD 2012 . . .


Totally occurred without realization that it already has been a year since the 2011 ASFD. As usual, my lazy self offered to join the most simplest of matches compared to the rest that is being arranged for this years' games.

I do admit I hatefully love the game, the fact that i can learn different meanings of new words that always are created in Scrabble. To those who have difficulties in English, I really do recommend getting a Scrabble board game to play with your friends and family to fully motivate your brain cells on learning the language. It is a slow and excruciating process (trust me, its not even close to trying French... or any other languages that are foreign to us) but most definitely, i prefer understanding the language before even attempting to speak it. thats just my way of learning, or rather, following closely to my fathers' teachings.

I managed to bag myself a Gold medal (yes, surprising... even for myself). It turned out that not many participants came and (to my advantage) most of the top-notch players have left Geneva to pursue or move up the chain of work in their respective countries. The silver medal went to our very own Puan Aminah (wife of the Brunei Ambassador), Congratulations!

I lost in the first round... wasn't in my pool-manic-mode this year

The same goes to bowling...

I haven't much will to win anything this time around. Maybe next year insyallah. And definitely i'll still hunt for a win on Scrabble.