Sunday, November 25, 2012

. . . multi-tasking tech and so on . . .


its so amazing how technology moves ever so rapidly nowadays. i can still remember starting it all off with just a second hand computer and a dial up modem. now its all PDAs, touch screens, wifi and all that shit that i can't pronounce properly.

i love the internet. its one of those things that you can waste tons of time. i know this because thats what i do during my free time especially during the weekends. i would just literally sit in my kitchen connected to the wifi and surf all day long without noticing time passing by. i don't know why i could sit all day in the kitchen, probably the close access to food... hehehe. going through one season of drama episodes will also eat lots of time especially ones with more than 10 episodes per season. certainly a waste of time but if i would compare it to going out, i'd certainly save more money... but definitely can shrink my eyes as well as my averagely sufficient brain, LOL!

earlier i installed a dual band gigabit router to my original internet router provided by a local tele-communications service provider. along the way i found the term plug-n-play isn't what it seems to do. i spent almost 3-5 hours just to get it running smoothly. going thru the settings was quite a chore. i think i'm in that group of people that has exhausted most of their capability to catch up with todays' tech. i used to think people that were born before me were quite unfortunate due to the fact that they have a hard to time catch up as well... now that i am the one older, its already enough to say i'll give up on things that has surpassed my own capabilities even though sometimes i feel i can do it or multi-task.

such a chore to be connected -.-*

it always fascinates me on being connected wirelessly. i'm the sort of tech freak that wants to connect one device to another for entertainment purposes.

then theres my obsession on shoes! simply a sneaker freak. and recently bodybuilding. not as you think though. i don't want to see myself so buff that i would have to enter a door sideways or that i would look like one of those WWE steroid wrestlers. its just part of my weight management and health or well-being. i've been feeling so lazy and fat all these years so i decided that its time for me to do what i swore to hate the most, exercise. i did start running and jogging but with the cold weather now, i opt for working out indoors. kind of interesting and also fills my time apart from just the casual eating and surfing the net most of the time. it just shocks me that it would probably take 6 months to a year (depending on your body and amount of exercisr that you do) to become lean and fit. plus the fact that it will be an ongoing thing. so far i've lost 12kgs all this time by just balancing my meals and simple exercises (i used to weigh 86kgs). i'm very excited about it and i am looking forward to the day that i could be slender looking, maybe with a few muscles... who knows? all i can do now is try. i'll let you know by June 2013 (insyallah) on how much change i had.

some of my supplement supplies
to help with my weight management

now i'm just sitting here in my kitchen thinking far ahead on how it would be like when the day comes that everything is what we always see on science fiction movies like flying cars, teleportation etc... will i be able to cope with it all? i can never be too sure. as dad said, never be too obsessed with the world as it will come to an end one day and what only matters is what you have done by the time you face your Maker. i should stop chasing unchaseable things.

just reminiscing...

ever since i could afford anything, somehow i began a sort of mission to get my hands onto a number of items that wasn't in my reach back in the old days. i remember most of the time that i would just sulk or jealously watch other people getting things that they always wanted whether it be cars, gadgets etc. i promised myself one day that i would get my hands of everything that i have ever dreamed of.

surprisingly, now that i am, more or less, can get anything... i became more aware of how useful or useless it can be. thus some might say i am thrifty... but i would say that i am spending wisely. of course there is always those moments where i regret buying something or end up just giving it away to someone else (this can be very satisfying... for example giving something to the needy or the ones who really are incapable of having the simplest of items, or in other words, charity satisfaction). the most part that i am thankful part is the life lessons (especially on spending matters) from my parents. of course being wiser, they've encountered ups and downs more than i did. i used to be quite annoying to them on buying this and that without realizing the repercussions that would affect them afterwards (dear mom and dad, i am shameful of what i did before and i promise to provide you with everything i can to pay for my sins, some if not all, towards you).

let it be a reminder to all, no matter how special, expensive, rare... plainly no matter how much you want something, its always best to think more than twice about it to ensure your future and how you live it. nothing lasts forever. but when it does, make it worth your while.


Monday, November 12, 2012

. . . Muharram 1434 . . .


majority of people doesn't know or choose to ignore it. part of my lifes' motives is to remind them of where we are. i have never admitted that i am deeply religious nor that i deny the fact that i am trying to change for the better in the years to come.

it pisses me off that i forget a lot but even more so, people wasting their time and breath with useless things to be talked about. unless it impacts you directly, then you got a say to it. other than that, leave it be and move on.

theres so many things i want to nag about ever since my unannounced hiatus, but i'll start off with this...

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijrah 1434! doa-doa yang terbaik dipohonkan buat semua Umat Muhammad serta sekalian keluarga Islam di seluruh dunia (mahupun mereka bukan Islam), Amin! Islam is a religion of peace and friendship, regardless on how the media portrays it to be nowadays.