Tuesday, August 13, 2013

. . . brain activities . . .

.should really try to get enough sleep.
.consider slowing down on eating after ramadhan.
.oh happy ramadhan ya'll. i know its late and has passed by already.
.in that case, selamat hari raya! which is already in its 3rd or 4th day by now.
.gotta really update my blog whenever i can since i got so many stories.
.yet i don't know how to start.
.oh, maybe i can open up my brains' thoughts.
.yeah, i consider myself and my brain quite separate beings.
.not strange, so far i think.

.does this make me sound or look mad?.

.damn, i should really move to somewhere quiet.
.note to self and everyone, if you can, try not to live at a crossroad.
.the noise is damning.

.seriously why do drivers and motorists rev up their engines upon crossing a crossroad(s) here?.
.why do so after 10pm?.
.makes me think murderously sometimes.

.am i mad? (this might mean in various ways that some people might comprehend variously).

.but it is maddening.
.maddening as like you can't understand and it is clearly ridiculous.
.like Justin Bieber.
.life isn't fair.
.surely i should have realised it earlier.

.but surely i blame myself as well since i can't sleep.
.i need more sleep.
.but i had lots of rest before.
.why do i feel restless when there is nothing that tires me?.
.stomach is grumbling again.
.not sure whether i'm hungry or i need to let it out.

.diane kruger.
.emily browning.

.wow this open brain thinking really shoots out everything.
.might do this once a month.
.sort of like self reflecting.
.not bad eh.
.i certainly think so.
.should really cut down on caffeine and energy drinks.

.welcome to my thoughts.
.see you another time.
.talk to you another time.