Friday, December 27, 2013

. . . silent ramblings . . .


they keep on coming whenever you are just in that situation. once it happens, it just happens. shit is merely a meager word that can explain such a shitty shit shat in that very moment. it took its toll and kept on nagging for days on end. fortunately never depriving me of daily nutrition and rest. i guess that is just how i function. thank the Great Allah.

not to polish my own whistle but i think i handle it quite swimmingly but then again it doesn't always exclude me from the constraints; physically or mentally. but more inclined physically.

my head pounds. my back hurts. my feet sweats. my thoughts wander too far. fuel burnt but poofs up into smoke.

at the end of the day i just sit around and move on.

hope. such a funny word. hope. such useful uselessness in just a simple funny word. yet we cling on it for our dear lives. hope. we create it and devote ourselves to it. hope. no one will ever give it to you. hope. a word and that is just it, a word. hope. but still we cling and hold tight to it.


might not be useless but most of the time its just not there yet we seem to still believe.