Wednesday, January 29, 2014

. . . reformatting and updating . .


took me damned near the whole night to reformat my Macbook Pro. to those who like DIY reformatting and reinstalling pcs or macs, good friggin luck. seems like i lost a huge chunk of my life just to get this macbook run back to its original state.

i have yet to upgrade its small memory with a 500GB or proly a 1TB... but i might choose the first option since i don't do much downloads nowadays...


Friday, January 3, 2014

. . . Allah have mercy on you . . .


ever since i can remember, you have been such a bad person. foul mouthed. never having the slightest remorse. you've hurt so many people especially their hearts. you talk as if what you say is a matter of fact but to listening ears, they are all just plain insults. you burn the fire of hate and add more fuel to it. what you do is wrong. you keep on digging up your so-called good doings saying that you did it out of pure sincerity but its just a fucking lie. all of it are lies.

you hurt one of my precious and meaningful person in my life. you've gone too far as to hurt that person and others along with that person mentally and physically. have you no heart? what made you so hateful towards others? why do you hate them so much that they haven't done anything to you? why break their hopes and dreams? what is wrong with you?

i felt so much of your hate ever since i could remember and i have no doubt i was also thrown into your useless crossfire. to think that you would have changed after being pointed to a higher destination, but still you remained. you are just so evil that you have an aura of Satan.

today was the first in a long time that the innocent(s) triumphed against your tyranny for those many long years. i must admit, it was wrong for me to do so but i couldn't help to jump in joy for the people that you've hurt so very much. i feel their pain, and now i am proud to say i am happily content on their achievement. they've gone through so much.

today is the beginning. tomorrow, the day after, the future... i am fucking damned sure that they will succeed even more. this will eventually kill you in the inside but it will be worth it.

Allah SWT always sides to those who are right and righteous no matter what sins they have (because that is between them and Him).

you fucking bastard.

they won.

you lost.

you argued like a fucking idiot.

you whined like a bitch.

in the end they won. and that is just the beginning.

alas, i still do have a heart. even as i hate you so much, deep inside, i wish for you to change and realize what you have done and i hope you can make amends before the grave beckons you to come in and face your judgement.

i fear and loathe that you will die alone unwanted, unappreciated and disregarded. it would be such shameful triumph but no one will miss nor care after that.

i pity at the sight and news of something broken. that escalated so quickly, tears came out late. i am pretty darned sure you are drowning in yours. you pathetic excuse for a human being, look at what you have done. you broke everything. you were supposed to be their leader. but you lost it a very long time ago because of your evil attitude.

everyday you lose something. you will lose yourself definitely if you don't wise up. most probably i am the only one who hopes for hope that you will radically change and make amends. its not too late. although i don't have much confidence on it.

what is the use of being strict, strong and smart, especially with words... but evil? nothing good will come to you. only bad. and worse. also the terrible.

i have no doubt you will retaliate but let me tell you this, we are all ready for it. i feel your anger. but you don't feel OUR wrath. especially Allah SWT. karma will hit you hard. so hard you would think getting a whipping punishment is a walk in the park... i fear for you. i really do.

spreading rumors with false accusations and no hard proof. you think you will get that far? you obviously didn't think ahead as we did.

i used to think you were wise and daring.

i realize now that you are nothing but a worthless coward who shoves away kindness.

you may have the finance. you may have your life (as brittle as it may seem).

today you lost two. who knows what you will loose tomorrow? and the next.

you started this.

you should end it.

and when you do, regardless how doubtful i am, be wise about it. maybe all of them won't acknowledge it. depending on how i hear of it, i may be kind enough to give you a sufficient amount of pity. but don't push your luck on it, bub.

to those who won, be thankful but not proud. tomorrow you start a new chapter in life after a small victory. what lies ahead might prove difficult but hey, you made it this far, so keep on doing what you did to survive another day, never stopping to ask for His grace. insyAllah.

to the evil one who lost today, i hope you learn. i hope you realize. repent. confess your sins.

make fucking amends. its not too late.