Wednesday, April 30, 2008

. . . anniversary with my angel . . .


long distance relationships? my comments about it - it can be done, if u r determined to work it out. so far i have been away from my other half (^^,) for more than 3 months. i promised myself (n also to her n my family) that i would return MAYBE after 2 years so that it gets me enough time to settle in Geneva. d first plan was to stay here for 3 years straight... but then again, just after a month, the pressures of missing everyone back in Brunei has already taken its toll.

theres been ups n downs being in a relationship, but so far we've been doing quite well. n i do agree that its part of the 'rules' of being in love, so to say... hehehe! in fact, i welcome the idea of being in love n also loving the other. m not such a luvvy duvvy person but then again, i tend to find myself caught up into it. giving gifts, going out together hand-in-hand... n so on. meeting the parents was a real toughy but i got thru it (n it was hillarious... i ended up chatting so long with her mom that i almost forgot that we were gonna go out... hehehe, sorry honey!)

2 years. the longest relationship i ever had. n now we're in our third leg. i dont really know whats gonna happen after this, but i will say one thing, i do look forward for a happy ending with lots of kids (^^,) we plan but Allah SWT makes it happen. i do pray for the best... God, i really do.

m really sad though that i couldnt spend this year's Hari Raya n also celebrate our anniversary+birthdays together. all i can do is just do a simple-short phone call and an occasional old-fashioned writing back letters to each other... havent tried it though. we live in a world thats so advanced, i think the pen n pencil will cease to exist. but its a definite thing that i will try it. i dont even know if my handwriting is as good as a 3 year old...

anyway, my dearest angel... MizArwen. Esma. Tyg2. Bam2. an ol of the other cute names that i call u to show how much i love you. trust me, on the subject of how much... more than an infinity n beyond.

I LOVE YOU. Happy Anniversary.

Friday, April 11, 2008

. . . eating sh*t, literally . . .


paying a fifty pounds to eat sh*t... would u dare be a jackass n do such a thing? apparently some people have! in this case, they drink it, in terms of coffee.

so i was up late night n watching CNN (its d only channel i understand perfectly) n saw this report about Cafe Raro. its a coffee bean sold by a group of electrical appliances seller, De'Longhi to the public for fifty pounds, roughly 100 US dollars. i was like, what has d world come to?

i looked it up through wiki n also asked an indonesian friend of mine. i was quite surprised to know that its been around for a long time. they call it Kopi Luwak in indonesia. kopi, literally means coffee n luwak is a local name of an Asian Palm Civet (a weasel of some sort). theres also a similar version of kopi luwak in vietnam n philippines as well.

i wont discuss too much on details (coz it spoils d fun on finding information) so just go here to find out more,

in short, a weasel eats a selected coffee bean... 'filters n processes'... n 'expels d quality end product'. n made into a favorite drink d world has ever known, apart from tea n mineral water, as coffee. like i said n asked, dare u to try? i have no comments to trying it at this time... unless someone slips it into my cup without telling me (do it n die...)


Monday, April 7, 2008

. . . sports woes . . .


i was never good at sports. oh boy, did i suck. the first n last sport i ever participated in... football i guess. soccer to be exact. i was young (stil am, always will), excited, dreaming of being someone great in sports... and of course, clueless.

i got to be a goalkeeper, i thought, cool! i get to catch balls, no running around (i hate running) n d ball wont go to me much as d others will be kicking d ball to d opponents side. boy, was i wrong. d ball keep coming as though we were using 10 balls rather than one. it became so bad, i had to take of my glasses because i had several close calls where d ball kept flying to my face. to those who dont have specs, it is a serious thing when something comes to ur face. i was a wreck. we lost n i was a wreck. didi i mention i was a wreck? already? nevermind, i was a WRECK.

mom was like a full blast lecture machine gun when i got home all covered in mud n grass. d following night, i shivered like f**k n my temperature was hot enuf to overcook an egg over my forehead. i have therefore been banned to participate in any sports, be it indoor or outdoor. d closest i came to sports... hm... does scrabble count as sports? whatever. i was not into sports anymore. i'll be damned if i were to run around in d field trying to fight over a ball.

but then again, being here, i began to do some sports. surprisingly, i enjoy it n it fills a bit of my time (which i'd rather sleep anyway). asean sports day is coming up so d brunei mission wants me to participate in it to represent our country. so far i've registered in scrabble... n after two sunday nights, i have been practicing in bowling.

its darn fun at d beggining, last night i had 3 strikes in a row. well, at the first round. after 2-3 rounds, i was useless n pathetic. my palm was all red n sweaty. i could barely feel my shoulder n my waist was about to be busted. but all n all... it was fun. to me now, its not the matter of gaining points... its just to hit all those damned pins down! i bet dat i'll do better in d next practices... i hope.