Wednesday, June 25, 2008

. . . another year, another age . . .


ah... i live yet again to be another year older. usually i would say time flies by so quick but this year it seems quite slow. i've gained another age... lets see, whats new with me?

i lost around 10 kilos, i look a bit (A BIT) slimmer than before, i havent learned much french yet, still missing my loved ones back in Brunei, getting much more intimate with my blog, still looking for a new apartment, bought a PSP, did so much internet shopping... hm, i cant make out any good things from the previous months. theres still a lot to venture.

oh, sleep. i havent had much since May 2008. tons of work. the Euro 2008 as well. i was hoping Italy went to d finals, but it didnt go as i planned.

ah, sending packages. i wana talk a bit on it. try not to send anything valuable next time. i sent a package to Brunei for my family. it was opened n some of d stuff was missing. i was deeply depressed bcoz of it n now i'm feeling a bit angry that i remebered about it. damn it. isnt it enough to scan the packages? do d postage people have to open n rummage the things? i feel so insecure for it.

i havent yet blogged about my trip to Zermatt. do worry, its coming soon.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

. . . me in Zermatt . . .

. . . a gift from God . . .

(07.06.08, on the train, on the way to Zermatt)

greatest things in life comes in small packages. to me, anything that is given, either as grand as a piano or as small as a speck of grain or dust, i consider it as a gift. for this moment, i am talking about a gift of life. a small gift of life given by God himself.

a baby. such a wonderful gift.

i do assume... or maybe i'll just tell you now, that i am not a father... yet. maybe soon. but not soon enough. i am writing this as i travel by the train to Zermatt while my colleague is well asleep (snoring). everybody has been really tired with work for the past (and coming) few weeks. i dont wana talk too much on my work too much. i just want u guys n gals know what to appreciate in life.

i was already on the verge of snoring (i snore really loud) when suddenly i was awaken by a screeching cry of a baby which was on the opposite side of the train cabin i was riding in. he (or she... i dunno) just finished having milk from its mother (while the father sleeps... typical scene everywhere i go) it began puking n crying n puking... i once heard someone (which i would refer to as an asshole) say that babies r puking, crying n pooping machines.

yes they puke. yes they poop. yes they cry like an airplanes' sonic boom. but werent u like that before u grew up?

i cant imagine the pure stupidity of some peoples' concept of babies nowadays. during my time, it was about not wanting to look after parents n sending them to homes, hoping they die quickly of old age.

now its about ditching babies.

i saw an interview about abortions on a popular news network about a few months ago. they were even talking about having abortion rights! what is right about aborting a baby???

frankly, i dont think its right to abort a baby. i mean, how can you? how dare you? to abort such a beautiful thing. if you didnt want a baby, why not think of necessary preventions before??? does a condom cost 1000 bucks per piece? how about pills? do they cost u a fortune?

sex is irresistable, i would say definitely yes to that. that's y i urge u all to think about it with your head, as in ur brain. not ur dickhead. n dont say i'm biased to women just because i said that. it goes d same to women as well.

imagine doing a piece of art or sculpture, u worked ur anus of for it n suddenly u dont finish it. to me, once u do it, u should finish what u have done.

i've seen terrible pictures of babies which were aborted in d middle of pregnancies n even near birth. ur killing a life for God's sake! imagine that was you! what... how would u feel???

practice safe sex, please, i beg all of u. look at a baby with ur eyes wide open n also open ur heart. see through d crying n pooping. dont u see how wonderful life is? you get one life, live it (correctly) while it lasts.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

. . . i'm back . . .


hey guys n gals. i've been out and about since d last week of may. so hence, i got lots of stories to tell. ranging from my work, trips, euro 2008 n as usual, my thoughts along d the way. i didnt have the chance to type it out during my trip so i had only my hand, pen n notebook to keep my mind company.

sadly i could only take a couple of pictures of my trips along the way. i went to Zermatt the other day. its a beautiful place. so i'm gonna make a special blog on it in a few days time. i've left my tourism skills for quite a while so i hope i can recall back my composition skills.