Monday, December 22, 2008

. . . coughs n a-choos . . .


falling sick is not one of my best aspects in life. i hate it so much. i dont mind taking in medicine n resting. its just the coughs n sneezing plus my nose being clogged up most of the time. urgh. maybe its the change in weather? i duno. but for as i know, i hate being sick. but now worries, aint nothing gonna stop the saint (^^,)

ok, so last week... hm, totaly full of things to do. as usual, CEPTA... lots of eating... sleeping... pool.. BONUS!... and last but no least, one of our colleague went back to Brunei.

oh oh oh! the best part of all!... mum sent me a spongebob squarepants blanket. i LOVE it! hahaha... i've always wanted one. thanks to Asai n Naqib for giving it to me. i will cherish it always for as long as i can breathe. hehehe... yes, i am a kid trapped in an adult body. i say it out proud n loud. probably i'd still be watching cartoons even when m 50, no doubt abot that.


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