Wednesday, December 24, 2008

. . . welcomes & farewells . . .


the final two months of this year, i watched the world move as i stood still. i can see now that people come n go... things that i have to get used being here in switzerland. its so sad to see them go once u've known them well n got close to them as family.

21st Dec 08, i bid farewell to our Mugz (our colleague) n Bukz (her husband). i wish them luck n hope they will have a bouncing healthy baby by the time they get back to Brunei! dont forget to send us the pictures n i will definitely look forward to see ya'll again when i return. to Bukz aka Maverick, u will certainly be missed in our airsoft games. good luck, god bless n bon voyage!

but wait, theres more...! i welcome G3's family who came all the way from Brunei to stay with him for the rest of his posting time here in Geneva. i know its probably late but its the thought that counts. hence, welcome to Geneva to our dear 3471Family!!! n thank you for bringing my spongebob squarepants blanket! (^^,)


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