Thursday, January 22, 2009

. . . absolute boredom . . .


tired, yes.
bored, yes.
nothing much to do, yes.
hungry, hell yeah!


how bored can u be? how nothing sometimes can bore a hole in ur head making ur eyes weak n ur brain feeling a bit more weaker than it usually is. i played a brain age game on the ds n found out my brain isnt that smart. oh well. i might just belt out everything thru my blog. urgh.

what to do? what to do? what to do?

yes i do like being alone. but doesnt mean that i sit down doing nothing all day long. for once, i'd like to have a car n drive out to wherever my heart pleases. ikea for example. hehehe... well jus to look or window shop. nothing wrong there. just spend a bit on fuel, its a necessity so i dont mind. yeah. a car. gotta get one when the time comes. i'd just ride into the open... maybe along the lake to rolle or lausanne. frankly i've never drove far. its really nice to drive around europe. beautiful sceneries. the weather is turning out great this day. i went out in the morning n the sun was shining as if blessing from Allah came all d way down to earth from heaven. total bliss...

oh wait, theres that need again for a camera. damn. i sold my Nikon D70s to a colleague of mine back in my media days. i sure do miss that camera. thats the thing i hate, when u need something but u cant get it that instant. then when u have it, u rarely use it... close example, my PSP. havent touched it in months. my DS is also getting a bit neglected now.

i could feel the back of my head thumping now. n i'm not even thinking hard. i hate that. i need stress. i need pressure. i eat it for breakfast-lunch-dinner. even thru my sleep. gotta get some action. its a pity that theres no airsoft game this saturday. hopefully next week. gotta get my gear started soon too. goggles, helmet, maybe a new vest or utility pouches. still looking for a new gun. u know, as a backup weapon. maybe the Marui M92F Tactical Master or better yet, the MP7A1. nice... even has its own holster n it works better than a pistol. choices... choices...


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