Friday, January 30, 2009

. . . forgotten farewells . . .


i really do hate it when i forget. but bear with me, its one of my characeristics apart from being a nice guy (is it now...? hehehe...) anyways, not only did i forget to post this earlier but also i effing forgot the date they went back home. aiyaiyai... but my intentions are true n comes from my largely small heart (^^,) ok moving on people!

this goes out to Ninja's family. i do apologise that i couldn't be around to see ya'll off at the airport. as u know, i was busy being Edde Wonka or doing some other work that had to be done in what i do best in, eating out stress n pressure. hehehe... again, i'm sorry for not being able to be there n wave goodbye as they do in movies. i do a great impression on it. i might need some help with the tears though. hahaha...

awesome parents. May Allah give endless blessings to them, amen.

the brothers & the cousin (whom i didnt get to meet)
CEPTA awaits for ur return, dudes...

i do believe that we will meet again & ya'll be darn sure that i will still be around in Geneva waiting for good friends to come and visit (not forgetting about the food also...) Allah Bless You All, amen.


ps. happy birthday to Ninja's mom!!! have a mind-blarshting b'day!

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