Monday, January 5, 2009

. . . in my mind . . .


yes, i've been neglecting my blog for quite a while. thanks to a christmas gift i got last week. or shud i say, last year. i always tot having a nintendo ds was for sissies or girlies... but then again, i wont mind being called so coz its damn fun! hahaha... to everyone, f i act anti-social or rarely talk, pls dont take offence coz thats how i am when i have a video game n dont worry, it'll be just for a while. give it a month or so i'll be jabbering as usual.

anyway, i'll be quite busy this week as we got some important peeps coming over to visit geneva hence, i'll make this quick.

selamat tahun baru hijrah 1430 kpd semua muslimin muslimat dmana jua berada,
merry christmas to all my christian friends,
happy new year 2009 to all,
gong xi fa chai for the chinese dudes n dudettes

and last but not least,
to mom, dad, mama bear, relatives, friends... i love you all! Allah bless you all.


ps. there wont be any updates for this week i guess but insyallah there will be more news n pics as soon as everything subsides... to my work colleagues, endure the pain (dont worry, i'm with ya till the end guys n gals)

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