Friday, February 27, 2009

. . . regrets . . .


there will b more updates coming soon. i still hv to wait for some stuff like pictures n info. i'll post soon my trip to paris, our national day, the farewell for my dear colleagues shazam n ka chil as well as other stuff.

but for now all the fun shall wait, i want to express my sheer sadness. this goes out to my grandpa, Allahyarham Hj Damit Hussin. i love you so much n i miss you as much as i love you.

2.22am, 27th February, i received a call from dad while i was trying to doze off. the news brought my heart to a brief stop n for some reason, as stupid as it may sound, i found it unbelievable. grandpa exhaled his last breath after being diagnosed for kidney failure n infected lungs. i was silently devastated.

i regret on so many things that i wish i wont have to regret for. not spending time with him was my worst regret. i never knew him that well which caused me my greatest sadness.

for all of u out there, i will give u one tip that was given to me n i've clung on to it ever since i heard it n i will still cling on to it till the very last day i open my eyes. never ever let ur parents or grandparents down. the happier they are, the longer they will live. i've seen this happen, n it is effing true. i dont have any grudge for those who hate their parents or grandparents. some find them disgusting or watsoever. to those who think that way, i give my utmost pity for u. coz u have missed the greatest thing in life.

being here abroad as well, it feels like i'm beat down with an infinite amount of regret. i cant tell u exactly how i feel, but probably if u held ur breath n feel how hard it is to have the need to breathe. thats how i feel now.

i love you grandpa. Allah bless your soul & may u be gathered with those who r in His grace. Amin. Al-Fathihah.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

. . . new kid in the raban . . .


as of 31st Jan 09, we have a new member in the family... so to speak. ahhaha... introducing~ *drum rolls* POW! Abdul Rahim!!! yeaaaaaahh...! well. its a baby goat. so what? theres more to come. hehehee...

dont ask me why hes named abdul rahim... hahaha... ask my mum n dad. they r d masters of naming animals. anyway, m happy for it. cant wait to bcome a gembala kambing when i get back home!


Friday, February 6, 2009

. . . krump & tektonik . . .

just some clips i saw n wanna share with ya'll... not bad. oh yeah, the "krumping" (as they call it) is done in Brunei while the other is the Tektonik dance craze in the french regions... one fact, i aint doin both. i'd rather sit down n have a cup of hot choc n enjoy my bliss... hahaha...



ya'll wanna try?... good luck in breaking a leg. or arms. or ur whole body in this case. hahaha...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

. . . in my mind . . .


how much do u understand someone? how long does it take for u to understand someone? do u have the patience to understand someone? do u know if the person understands u? do u have what it takes to understand someone? are u capable of judging someone?

do u understand? do u really understand?


ps. the choice is yours to make.