Friday, February 27, 2009

. . . regrets . . .


there will b more updates coming soon. i still hv to wait for some stuff like pictures n info. i'll post soon my trip to paris, our national day, the farewell for my dear colleagues shazam n ka chil as well as other stuff.

but for now all the fun shall wait, i want to express my sheer sadness. this goes out to my grandpa, Allahyarham Hj Damit Hussin. i love you so much n i miss you as much as i love you.

2.22am, 27th February, i received a call from dad while i was trying to doze off. the news brought my heart to a brief stop n for some reason, as stupid as it may sound, i found it unbelievable. grandpa exhaled his last breath after being diagnosed for kidney failure n infected lungs. i was silently devastated.

i regret on so many things that i wish i wont have to regret for. not spending time with him was my worst regret. i never knew him that well which caused me my greatest sadness.

for all of u out there, i will give u one tip that was given to me n i've clung on to it ever since i heard it n i will still cling on to it till the very last day i open my eyes. never ever let ur parents or grandparents down. the happier they are, the longer they will live. i've seen this happen, n it is effing true. i dont have any grudge for those who hate their parents or grandparents. some find them disgusting or watsoever. to those who think that way, i give my utmost pity for u. coz u have missed the greatest thing in life.

being here abroad as well, it feels like i'm beat down with an infinite amount of regret. i cant tell u exactly how i feel, but probably if u held ur breath n feel how hard it is to have the need to breathe. thats how i feel now.

i love you grandpa. Allah bless your soul & may u be gathered with those who r in His grace. Amin. Al-Fathihah.


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