Monday, March 23, 2009

. . . je taime Paris part II . . .

14.02.09, Notre Dame wasnt one of my featured locations but since it was the closest to the apartment, i felt like it was no harm to stop by and have some pictures. as u see from below, i didnt exactly know what pose i was doing until i saw it for myself. yes, sissy moment but hey, the view is spectacular. didnt go in tho coz there was a effload of people going about and i'm going to waste a good day to end up dead or stomped over the crowd just to get a glimpse of everything there.

sorry, no tutus allowed for me :P~

surprisingly it was a beautiful day and it was quite warm. everyone was strutting around in their designer clothes around town enjoying the blissful sunshine. i personnaly loved my next stop, the Eiffel Tower though i had no chance of going up. i bet that be it holidays or weekdays, there will be an endless queue to go up the tower *sigh* if only i had such patience. it was ridiculously long. i bet it would take like half an hour just to reach the ticket booth. and dont let me start with the night scenery. gosh, i saw this photo of friends coming over at night, it looked spectacular! insyallah, one day i will have the night tour. defintely gonna go up there one day with a particular company of someone i dearly love (^^,)

i was HERE! oh yeah...

i wanted to sneak out at night to the tower but my poor feet were as big as Bigfoots' by the time i came back to the apartment. for those who dont have the time to buy some souvenirs, dont worry, there are quite a number of people selling keychains for 1 euro in every possible space around the tower. onwards to the Arc de Triomphe. Yay! for years i've only saw it on tv n some other movies and this day, here i am prancing about such wonderful architecture. sorry, i got no history information on it coz m not that of a history buff. i'm just happy to be there (^^,) loads of people walking about. had a quick lunch at some italian restaurant before moving back to the apartment.

another day has passed by so quickly and before i knew it, tommorow was my final day in Paris *sobs* time flies by so quickly when ur having fun. good thing my memory is intact so i could always open it up when i'm dreaming of Paris...

to be continued

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