Wednesday, March 25, 2009

. . . je taime Paris part III . . .

15.02.09, ah... my final day in Paris. the weather never ceased to give me strength to carry on for another day of walking around town taking such beautiful glimpses of Paris. lucky me that the Lourve is open on Sundays. my final destination, the Mona Lisa.

the muzium is effing huge. i bet u, give it even a day, u wont finish wandering around it. people as usual, came in by the millions n millions. there was just no room to stand in front of every picture u want to observe carefully. theres always people mucking about. i mean for the love of God, cant they just pass by behind me? come on. argh. anyway, i loved it. the architecture... the fascinating paintings... u name it.

personnally, i would say the Mona Lisa painting was overated. no offence intended but look at the picture on top. even provided that there were no people around, u cant actually enjoy it up close. u can only see it at a distance... probably 8-10 feet away. its also covered over by this effing thick glass which by the way will screw ur every opportunity of getting a picture of it. i bet the pictures others have taken has more reflections of lights or their own faces or even the camera flashes rather than Mona Lisa itself. so being me, i spent a few minutes there and carried on looking around.

one thing i had a hard time to do was keeping my head down. wow, the ceiling was breathtaking... if we had that ceiling in our house, mom will endlessly curse at the very fact of it being on top and having it cleaned now and then. hahahaa...

the picture above really took my interest. not that it looks grotesque without the head an all... but angel wings. i've always loved angel wings. i'd say it looks cool and i feel kinda aquainted to it (^^,)...

he probably lost something dear to him... *LoLs!*

i can safely say that i've scratched off Paris from my list of places that i want to visit before i die. i dont mind coming back again coz there are still more things and places to see there. i miss it already. i looked at my watch saying to me that its time to pack up n get ready for my long assed train ride back to Geneva... oh dear.

took all the souvenirs i bought and shoved em into my luggage as well as my backpack... said my goodbyes to the family and begun my journey back to Gare de Lyon. again, welcomed with the stench of urine... i was lucky enough to not step on dog poop that was lying around most of Paris. a friend said that i was lucky to escape the 'Parisien Baptism'... hahahaha...

thus ends my fast and fun visit to Paris. again, i wont mind coming back soon for another feet busting walk around Paris. as a salute to the beatiful city, i present it with my very own, Edde-style photography!

je taime beaucoup Paris!!!


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