Thursday, April 30, 2009

. . . 3rd Anniversary! . . .


pejam celik mata, dah tiga tahun dah mengharungi hari-hari bekasih sayang. cewaaaaaahhh!!! ada saja quote yg manis tu. biasa lah. hati muda katakan... (^^,) awu, tau ku pa, awal2 ani mcm2 tia janji2 manis atu. branang 7 lautan lah (branang pun nda pandai, terpuruk dlm lungkang udah tia kial2), gunung tinggi ddaki lah (naik tangga pun kapus2), you lap me i lap you (lap tia meja ah, tantu plg)... ahahhaha...

happy memories of being close together

ah biasalah semua atu. but alhamdulillah, the mama bear and i have gone thru the 3 years steadily and never too much or too less loving each other. we still have a vague future ahead but nevertheless, we try our best at everything. for one that i'm sure of, we need to settle our lives to ensure the future (^^,)

this year for me is the saddest as i havent seen her for almost a year and a half *sobs* que vais je faire? but insyallah when i return back home, i'll try to spend some quality time together. i'm still eyeing for her Begedil recipes! hehehe...

for all that is worth, i thank you mama bear, for being patient with me through all these times. i'll make it up to you, i promise. i love you so much and i pray for good things to come in the near future! amin!


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