Thursday, April 2, 2009

. . . airsoft under fire . . .


for years airsoft has been played in Geneva, and for some odd reason now its being scrutinized in a very bad view. now all that i can understand from the report in the newspaper is that people are starting to be afraid of airsofters due to the "extreme" real-life replica of weapons. i dont blame them too much on it. but why now do they complain?

a cute looking airsofter posing for the newspaper (^^,)

for all i know, we play by the rules. although there has been a few minor incidents where some 'civillians' as we call them get shot, they dont even flicker much but smile, give warm salutations, apologies and just walk away like nothing happened. there are a millions criticisms and a million more answers to this small shitty matter. long live airsoft!


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