Thursday, April 16, 2009

. . . farewells, welcomes, birthdays, kids . . .


like i said, i have this thing for being late and also forgetfulness... its being me :) but my intentions are pure and true to all those that i keep close to my heart. here we go!

first off, this goes off to Ka Chil and her family! i love you all. although it was for a while, i loved every moment of it and i look forward for the next. i've said a number of times before and i'll keep saying it again, it was great fun hanging out with u no matter if it was for work or play (well, i'd give AAA ratings for the fun part) hahaha...! euro 2008, fenomeno, chancy... it was absolutely fabulous! and the best part of all, the lovely kids, sofia n sofian, i miss them both as i type this ;( i've learned a lot and i am not ashamed to ask for more in the future. this is to you! i love you and Allah Bless You always. can't wait to see you again when i return back to Brunei for my holidays!

on to the next subject! a new bouncing baby girl!!! i introduce to u, Mya Halimah Batrisyia! daugther of Bukz and Mugz :) shes is absolutely beautiful. i hope i get to meet her soon. although i have no intentions to cradle her in my arms coz no matter how muscular my arms are, i am quite unstable when i carry a new born baby. hehehe... i forgot the date when she was born but i think it was near the end of january i guess. ngikut mua sapa kh ni krg... ada jua imbas2 si Bak. hehehehehe...

my next news is about welcoming 2 new colleagues from Brunei, Noramali and Saiful!!! oh yeah! we have new people in the houuuusseee!!! both are settling just fine in Geneva. i look forward to working with you two in the near future. oh yeah, i'm still gonna get my Macs soon. just u wait. hah!... it may take me a while... or maybe in a couple of years. hahaha! but never fret, i'll carry that Apple logo proud one day (usin bah usiiinnn!!!)

Noramali had her birthday a while ago but sadly, our official photographer wasnt around so i can only settle by saying Happy Birthday to you Mali!!! May all your wishes come true and Allah Bless You always!

and shortly after that, it was Ninja's turn to have her mind-blarshting birthday! Happy Birthday Tina, same prayers for you as well! and congratulations for winning 3rd place in the Scrabble tournament. sorry, i only made it to the semi-finals. u know how i am about semis and pressure, muahaha!

phew. who said bloggin wasnt tiring? i can feel my brain liquids dripping out of my mind. damn. my finger are having blisters. regardless of the pain, all of it boils down to one fact, i love my friends. no matter who or wherever they might be (especially when they bring food along!). three cheers for great friends, new and old!


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