Tuesday, April 14, 2009

. . . holiday agonies . . .


back to life, back to reality. the previous four-day holiday was just what i needed after all this time. yeah, most of us wish that it would become a full week holiday, but no. we wake up to the world and face reality as it is. so, on to another excruciating weeks of work and studies.

the best part of the holidays was me passing out on our airsoft game last saturday. everything went black for a few seconds and before i realised it, i was flat on the ground. wasnt very macho of me though *sobs* i dont think it was the heatwave... most probably bcoz i didnt sleep for the past few days. well, since thursday night to be exact. why? endless tv series. downloaded tv series. yes. pathetic. but go through it and you will be in the same situation as i was. then came the red bull... ahahaha... yes. i overloaded on it. every can is an eye buster as far as i'm concerned. i think i need to trim down on my sugar levels.

after the game i took a few hours of sleep (and a bit of continuation on CSI...) and then i was back to normal. even so, i enjoyed every bit of it. from now i could spend my weekends without going out and spending too much. well, except if theres irresistable invitations eg. pool, movies, FOOD. did i mention FOOD? yes i did. anyfood, yeah, i'd rather stay indoors watching endless tv series (minus the red bull this time) for the rest of my holidays. some might and did say its a losers' world being a couch potato. so is everyone a winner in the world? i dont think so.

i wouldve done a record of staying indoors for four days but alas, i am human and i do need the sunrays beaming on my cute smiling face. its a pity that i didnt have the chance to go to yvoire with some colleagues coz i was just too tired (and still going bonkers on Supernatural) but they managed to pull me out to the lake at one point. i just realised i nearly missed a beautiful day at the lake. even the fact the almost everyone was half naked (i'm exaggerating) the view was fantastic. damuan, eat ur heart out :P~ having a caramel ice cream during a hot day was just the saving grace that i was looking for.

i'm still waiting for my pictures from my colleague. will post it soon.


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