Monday, April 27, 2009

. . . pool tourney . . .


yaw... as i expected. i didnt even last 5 games. i managed to win the first round against one of the Filipino players (by sheer luck). honestly, if he didnt accidentally potted the black eight ball, he cudve left me staring at the cold afternoon winds.

but luck didnt last for long, as i entered the 2nd round (my confidence and momentum was building up) i met a young Cambodian player who literally kicked my sweet sexy ass all around the place. the game was based on the best of three. obviously he kicked me out by the second frame which he cleaned easily without even breaking a sweat. all i did was just chug my lemon tea and watch him win. aiyaiyai...

some dudes say that they werent that ready, some say they didnt train properly, others say the feeling isnt the same when we're playing casually compared to a realy tournament. i say eff it. i lost. so what. end of conversation. but hey, there is still next year. probably i'm gonna do a full time career on pool. its all fun and dandy. i wanna learn snooker as well.

congrats to the 2 Cambodians, Lao & Ked who attained the 1st and 2nd while the 3rd went to Jesus from the Philippines (yes, he was playing pool on saturday... LoLs!). for the womens category (obviously) went to Ninja, congrats and i disagree, the stick doesnt make really big of a change. you played well, thats what counts (^^,) me on the other hand, with or without my happy stick, i'm definitely gonna give it all my best next year. i got one year to train so i aint giving up that easily (thank you very much for the support mama bear... i love you)


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