Tuesday, April 21, 2009

. . . spotting balls again . . .


a few more days and the game shall start... good gracious god. its really nerve racking. i never compete full heartedly in every competition (well, not that i have been in any for a while) but the pool tournament this saturday is really getting me anxious as well as excited. i wont say its my favorite game of all time but thats the only thing that makes living in Geneva fun for me (apart from all the sales... hahaha!).

i came, i saw... i will conquer!

i've been going to the pool place almost every single day (i'm exaggerating as usual) but so far, i managed to become crappier each day. my placings are effed up, i cant pot the balls accurately. heck, i can't even strike a straight shot properly. yes, i suck at stress. i love it, but i totaly eff myself up. as i play, i began to think as usual... i always want to pot the balls in the right pocket, i'm fully determined at it. but most of the times it doesn't go in. i guess thats how life is. it wont go to what u demand. it only works for a while *sigh*


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