Monday, May 4, 2009

. . . bowling woes . . .


i already expected nothing really new happening to us on this year's bowling tournament as we were up against very good players. but one fact remained, we enjoyed it with our own sense of humor and good sporting spirits. thats whats best in our team. no matter who we go with, our hearts are always happy to cheer on our ASEAN colleagues.

strike a pose!!!

our team color for bowling this year is red. hell, i didnt know about it until the day before the tourney was held. and for one fact, red is not really my interest. since i already wore my one and only red t-shirt, i had to scoot over to Balexert (shopping centre in Geneva) just to grab another one. they only had that bright neon red... well, there were other options but being a fan of Adidas (oh yeah...) i had to get it. plus it was cheap. i'm a cheapskate remember? i saw myself in the mirror, n i'd give my self one and a half thumbs up. not bad... mum, dad? what do u think? i'll tell you this, you raised one hell of a great child (^^,)


but alas, vain didnt last for long when pain invaded my very manhood. not that manhood. i mean my manliness... as others know, i am such exagerrating n eccentric boy (yes i am young, hence i am a boy). i'd skip, i'd jump, i'd make funny faces... heck, i'd even do the war dance if i could. anyway, as a reward for my childish behaviour, my foot was effed up. seriously. i had the new celebrate-when-i-get-a-strike move, stomping the ground with every strike i get. i got three by the way (the whole day... *sigh*) hence, three stomps. i knew the third was gonna hurt but i am that persistent. i stomped ahead... et voila. instant result. its a good thing that i could still walk properly and drive. but that night, it was hell for me. good thing mum sent me some ointments (i love you mum!) so it wasnt as bad as it may seem.


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