Friday, May 1, 2009

. . . bowling . . .


hmph. my arms have been acting up lately, not that i had much activities on it (i know what ur thinking... no its not that). got a lot of things on my hands now that its effing my targeting focus. i guess i'm still thinking too much on pool. havent gone there for a while but maybe i'll go within these few days just to polish my pool skills. after all, i have a year to train for next years' tournament. wohooo!

speaking of bowling, did u know i've never bowled more than once in Brunei? yep. the last time i remember about it was the ball slipping away to the back and miraculously i've managed to catch it before hitting my cousins. phew. from that day on, i didnt want to play anymore. but since theres nothing much to do here, i guess i can extend my sports list (which is so short) to include bowling. i still prefer pool though. oh yeah, to try snooker as well. i was glued on to this snooker tournament that was showing on eurosports last night after the bowling. it looks so interesting. the accuracy is so enticing. i might get a snooker cue if i do well on it. heck, i wanna join the swiss tournaments!

 bowling gurus discussing on bowling tactics... LoLs!


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