Monday, May 25, 2009

. . . the calm after/before the storm . . .


it has not been an easy week but alhamdulillah everything went smoothly with a bit of hassles (sorry for those who are affected). again i stress the sheer amount of pleasurable pain being around hardworking people. i do admire them as they can manage lotsa things thru all of these times. myself as well included, oh yeah, i never actually realised on how i can cope with different situations no matter what the situation might be.

having not much sleep throughout the week was particularly normal, not that everyday is normal. there is always something happening everyday. and i appreciate and welcome it with arms wide open. i must say though, it has been tough for me to wake up in the early mornings (coz the night seems so short) these past few weeks and i really do regret on missing some prayers as well as time for myself. but all is not lost coz i get to spend my busy time with people i hold dearly close to my heart. i think i really need another one day straight of sleep. i can even manage to hold my pee and poop while i have my beauty sleep. such a miracle...

especially to my family and my mama bear, time seems so short and i barely have time to talk or sms them. i do feel sorry but as i always say, i will make it up to u all. i promise and be advised it will come soon (^^,) lately i've been missing them so much :'( it doesnt break my heart though coz they do understand the stuff that i'm going thru and i really honestly appreciate them for being patient with me throughout my absence. or should i say being far apart from them.

frankly i dont even care that my phone bills are skyrocketing everytime i contact them coz i know every penny is worth it. i wont trade my loved ones for any currency nor gold in this world. i can tell u that. but the fact remains, i miss you...

June 2009 is coming up fast and i will land in so many things, i'm sure it will take my time and patience. lotsa things to do... but hey, thats me. i'd rather do something than not doing anything at all. i must say that i am happy that most people are happy with my services and that makes me... um... happy too :-) i think thats the best part of me, making people happy and entertained. although i might be clumsy but hey, i give my utmost best.

i've been driving a lot lately too and its actually fun. well, both my legs have been rather muscular from working the pedals and my ass is getting flatter than usual... hahaha! but its all good. i love the challenge of driving. give it another few months, i will become the bad boy of geneva streets. oh yeah... i can drive. i look forward on driving a huge truck or a bus if i have the chance. at one point, i flew the car rather than drive it! awright! and best part of all, i dont get summoned for it. well, there was a minor fluke now and then but we make mistakes... we are human after all.

i've not played airsoft for several weeks now, i don't even know if i can shoot properly... well, i never shoot properly to begin with so i think the next time i'll play, it'll be alright. oh and my foot has healed a bit more and i can walk the usual vogue (^^,) i think after stomping the pedals now and then made my foot rather intolerant to pain. thank god for that. its not cool limping around in this hot weather and not forgetting that the distance that i'm walking to and fro never lacks of breaking sweats in every nook and cranny of my lushious body... arf! hahahaha... yes, i want to feel sexy at all times. can u blame me for it? it keeps getting better and better folks. amen to that.

dear god, i really feel like sleeping now. i got one week to calm d eff down from all the activities from last week... and i have to get ready for next as well. havent done anything much lately for my little apartment. frankly it looks more of a garbage dump now *sigh*

oh, Happy Birthdays goes out to our colleagues Don Leonor and Karsay Dawa, may ya'll be blessed by God. sorry for the late post...

and also farewell to Sir Hj Alaihuddin and his companions, hope you all have a safe journey home. it was great meeting you again and i sure do hope to see ya'll another time. and yes, i wont get the shoes coz its too expensive for me! hahahaha... i will set my eyes for the bags or probably start with something small like wallets or keyholders.... :-)


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