Monday, May 18, 2009

. . . pain & happiness . . .


its really getting me frustrated. i dont know whether this is gonna kill me or not but it certainly is doing a good job at it. i cant even walk for a mere 10 minutes now without gritting my teeth! yeah i'm really that stubborn. i dun wana bring it to the doctor coz i know it'll cost me a lot and frankly i dont have that much to spend on medical things. so i'm just gonna walk it off... literally.

ok i dont wana think about it too much coz the more i do, its gonna hurt like hell. might as well enjoy the hati buyah and daging payau that mom n dad sent me! (^^,) oh yeah! back into becoming a carnivore again. i swear, if do come back to Brunei, my weight will skyrocket as well as my blood pressure! hahaha... i love it mom! thank you so much n so sorry to have u gone thru lots of things to send me the stuff. frankly i dont know if it will last coz i've been munching on the stuff since i opened it this morning. hehehehe... yes i love to eat.

i also wana say welcome back to Sir Hj Alaihuddin! yeeeeeyyy!!! such a cool guy (we went to LV during lunch break... hehehe) yes sir, i still wana go for the shoes and also the bag. kita take over the Monogram and i'll have the Graphite designs! set?


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