Tuesday, June 23, 2009

. . . another year older . . .


ok so the real reason i didnt put any pictures since i came back to Brunei is that i dont have a card reader. its so pathetic n really annoying. all of this time when its there, i have no use for it but now i am really itching for one. argh...

anyway, as of this moment i am happy. what was suppose to be a small birthday celebration, turns out it became one hell of a birthday party. no no, no music or dancing. i dont do that stuff. trust me, i'm too old for that.

but like i said at this very moment i am really happy (^^,)

i thank everyone who came for my birthday. i really appreciate it. i'll come back to blog again coz i have to chow down on the birthday cake that the mama bear bought me ;) so sweet of her. thank you sweetie... i love you. oh oh oh, i LOVE the gift :)


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