Tuesday, June 2, 2009

. . . home again . . .


this is the best ever feeling that i've had for a long time. the sight of happiness etched right out loud from the faces of my parents when i came walking to the front of the house was a total blessing from Allah himself. i couldnt believe it myself. i'm acting like i've never seen them for ages... frankly, even a day without them is already enough to cause me sorrow. now i have at least a month with them.

i couldnt sleep ever since i flew from geneva (well, up until the last 6 hours ago when i dropped dead on bed) and i've been having nausea from time to time. no no... tis not the flu my friends, its the suspense and excitement. i couldnt think straight, my mind was always wondering on how my loved ones will react, couldnt eat... hey thats a lie. i ate like a pig once i touched down in KLIA. hahaha... i also had the luxury to spend a few hours in the airport hotel.

the scene was so different to me. i havent been away for that long enough but i felt like a kid being bought out to the city. so suddenly i start recognizing every license plate i see. hahaha... pathetic. i know. hey, i'm really happy to be home. the thing that worries me now is how bloated i'm gonna be will all the food lying around. i cant stop munching. this is really dangerous.

the heat is really killing me. i couldnt stand 5 minutes without breaking a sweat. damn. its really that freakin hot. i think i need to carry and ice block around...


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