Thursday, June 18, 2009

. . . @ home . . .


i said it once or twice or even lotsa times and i'll say it again... panas eeeyyyyhhh!!! *kiap2* is there someone who could invent a portable air conditioner around here? GOD! i think i bathed for like a hundredth time today! and its still freakin hot. even the skin on my fingers are starting to crack and tear apart... urgh. luckily theres owes cheap food around to keep me entertained. hahaha!

i am entering what seems to be the last days of my stay in Brunei. frankly i kinda have mixed feelings about it. especially the thought of leaving my loved ones :( i dont know what to do. in a matter of days i'll be on that ass whooping flight back to Geneva. then i have to look forward to another few weeks of jetlag. whats worse, i'll be alone again. things have to end sometimes, i have to accept it.

i managed to meet some of my relatives and friends but still not all of them. i hope i can still make time for the others. all i can bring back is memories. they keep me strong throughout the storm... i love you all. i am surely gonna miss you.


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