Wednesday, June 3, 2009

. . . insanely sane ramblings . . .


yep, i cant sleep. its like 2am in the morning and my eyes are wide open. heck i forgot the last time i blinked. haha... seriously. its taking me some time to get used to the change. especially the freakin weather. i am so like... swiss... like... right now. oh-mah-gawd. mon dieu! i am that hot. hot with a capital H! arf!... um, where was i?

i havent had the opportunity to see some close friends yet since theres more important things to do. dont fret, theres still time. insyallah. give it time.

i cant stop munching. at this very moment, i am skillfully trying to balance a cold chocolate drink (which is really cheap), a piece of... err, i forgot, i gobbled it down already... hahaha... but for petes sake, i cant stop eating! aiyaiyai... benefits of coming back home. everywhere is cheap food. i think 10 minutes ago i took a dump for like the 10th time in a row today... just to save space for the incoming mounds of food that i will take in. but still i feel full... and yet i wanna eat more!!! aiyaiyai...

earlier we had ambuyat at Aminah Arif's i dont even know what we ordered exactly. i just ate. thats me. food in front of me, theres no wasting time. the only time i think i would stop eating is when i stop breathing... which will take me a while to get to at this rate. hell, i would even ask the doctors to jump start me to life again just so i can grab another bite to eat. hahaha... for the sake of 'kempunan' to some peeps *cough!*in*cough!*cough!*geneva*cough!... hmmm. man i have a sore throat... i meant actually, i'm not gonna post the delicious... succulent... CHEAP... and the crazy amount of infinite food menus, i wont post the pictures... yet. muahhahaha!!!

oh oh oh, i cant wait to go out with the mama bear (^^,) i miss her so much (and i'm already in Brunei!) i just love the happy look on her face as well as her parents when i dropped by. sorry it was only for a few minutes. i'll make it up to u soon sweetie.

so many things to do, so little time.

on the small dark side. i am really frustrated of people always considering of one's badness (does that word exist?) rather than think of the goodness they have. why would u do that? u know what i think of them? eff it. u understand, alhamdulillah. u dont, laissez tomber. let Allah point u to the right direction. it is to Him that i put my trust on my judgements. i pray to those to have the right thoughts in mind to others. sedarlah siapa dirimu. i know myself. i know my wrongs and for sure i know my own rights. climb up to one's skin and walk around it.


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