Thursday, July 9, 2009

. . . chillaxing . . .


as u can see, i've grown really lame and tired. i havent been posting much lately, except for the photos. as u see below. i dont know. i just dont feel right. theres so many things i have to think about... especially my rights and wrongs. its a pain in the hole but yeah, i am that responsible. come to think of it, i dont think i would survive without problems. ehhehehe... it makes me that experienced in life. but no, i'm not that experienced yet. i do try to be. once i saw a t-shirt in Miri, one of the quotes that i like. it showed the Cancer zodiac sign and under it was written, For Every Question, I Have The Answer. that was cool... but alas it was too small :( it couldve been a great t-shirt to wear :)

but when you hold the answer to every question, it bears a burden on you. everyones dying to ask you and each one of em wants a positive answer. sorry dudes and dudettes, unless i am certain, the answer will smack you in the face. for the things that i do know now, only Allah can be my witness. whether it is sins or blessings. i do ask for forgiveness although i know it would take time for the sinful to be forgiven. i am that hopeful. insyallah, i will make wrongs to rights.

on a lighter note, i think i've gained pretty much weight (how light can that be??) currently my trousers are getting a bit tighter than usual... i'm just happy that my jeans still fit :) oh god, why cant we wear jeans to work and school? its such an innovative creation... hehehe...

the ASEAN games didnt help that much. as u can see i was hoarding the bbq section. everyone keeps asking me if i'm ok coz they see me sitting by the bbq all day long. i tell u this, it was great and for no obvious reason, it entertained me. i didnt eat that much coz i think most chefs or cooks know, when you do cooking, you dont get hungry as the smell of delicious food can really make you full. well, i dont know if that works during ramadhan... (^^,)

what keeps me entertained much now is that i have bought a new laptop. seriously, i've been eyeing that MacBook for so long now... for those who never got one, it is really recommended. well, most of you have it and you might think that i am pathetic but i dont care that much coz its my long dream to have one and now that i have it, pls, let a saint be happy for his achievements... capiece?


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