Thursday, July 30, 2009

. . . homemade curry! . . .


this is like the biggest success after a while of living alone beyond the reaches of my mum's delicious cooking :) i had this tingling urge of making curry last night (don't ask me why coz i don't even know...) and it was already like 10pm. i always wanted to make a great effort on cooking besides relying and depending mostly on instant products (e.g. maggi noodles... instant noodles... ramen... funny fact is that all the instant food i make are usually noodles...).

i have this one dream of making proper food for myself. and alhamdulillah with the good care of my parents on living independently, i finally have proof to all of u that have doubts on my cooking skills (not to mention my bbq skills, hehehe...)

i am proud of it but sorry to say i don't have the courage yet to ask others to try it. let me perfect it in a good way. but i still live till this day so i guess my cooking is quite safe :)

nawtee's curry :)

baked salmon with noodles topped with nawtee's curry :)



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