Monday, August 10, 2009

. . . fete de geneve . . .


didnt stay for long. fireworks only start around 1030pm. besides i can see it from my apartment window. well its not comfy or clear enough for enjoyment but then again it works for me. i cant stand the infinite crowds walking by and i aint wasting hours looking up till my neck cracks. its beautiful though. u can hear everyone saying 'ooohhhh ahhh' over and over again. the very interesting part is the delicacies that await along the lake. you would have a number of choices which may cause your cholesterol or blood pressure rise to kingdom come. but its all great. for muslims, as always, your best bet is the kebabs or you can spot a lot of vegetarian food as well. oh and do go for the candy :) try the churros!

i hate clowns... they scare me :(

as young as i may be, i think i've done a fair share of going up on rides or roller-coasters. i just dont have too much space in my excitement department :P and i persist to remain sane as well as TO BE ALIVE for quite a while. but i do miss being that young and naive. u just wanna try everything. if it doesnt kill you, you'd find other ways of suicide... eh? or was it, it makes you stronger? eff it.


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