Wednesday, August 12, 2009

. . . Happy Birthday Mama! . . .


although i am afar from the loving arms of my mum and dad, it has never faded my love for them and it never will for as long as i breathe.

i dedicate this post to my wonderful and beautiful mother, Husnah Bte Hj Damit who has always been the push that makes me move! she has been patient with me for all the time that i know and she has indirectly given me numerous supports that i know that no amount of money or items or other things can repay for the ups and downs she has endured just to see me where i am right now. and for the record, i am happy that i am in debt with my mother because i will never cease to love her so much... and so much more, forever and infinitely. I LOVE YOU MAMA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! Mudah-mudahan umur panjang badan sihat, rezeki luas dan diselamatkan Allah sentiasa. Iboy sayang Mama! (^^,)


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