Wednesday, August 19, 2009

. . . marhaban ya ramadhan . . .


the time has finally come where every muslims refrain from doing what they desire at most. eating and drinking... (the latter wont be mentioned).

yet another year i spend my time alone without loved ones. how i long for sitting down for sungkai with my two adorable and lovable parents. i miss the times when we fight over who gets food first. miss my mom screaming at the top of her voice calling me and dad to the kitchen. miss the silence as we indulge ourselves with the glorious food that the Al-Mighty has given us. i pretty much agree that i do feel lonely without them.

for now, i can only make them proud for living alone as well as cooking for myself. i have no doubt with my cooking skills which are averagely poor but yet i remain strong till this very moment.

to all muslims around the world, ramdhan al mubarak to you all. may Allah bless you always in your search for his forgiveness in this holy month. amen.


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