Wednesday, September 9, 2009

. . . meet the kids . . .


shudda done this a long time ago but i had to wait a little for mum to send me the pictures... thanks mom! i love you!

anyway, back to my post... after longs months of waiting, finally Abdul Rahim now has some new fellas to play with! introducing... Abdul Raham and Abdul Rahum!!! horrraaaayyyy!!! two more boys to look forward for when i get back home. i guess it would be (already is) much work for mum and dad.

Abdul Raham and Abdul Rahum

both were born on the 1st day of Ramadhan, 22nd August. hold on, the best part of all, mom and dad even timed their birth... ahahaha! according to mum's report, Raham was born just 2 minutes (1307hrs) before Rahum came out (1309hrs). aren't we the most interesting people in the world? :) i love my family...

according to mum, both are beginning to get nawtee as the day progresses. there is no doubt that i'll have to increase my awareness of looking around just in case any one of them are putting a bulls-eye on my behind...


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