Thursday, September 3, 2009

. . . singing in the rain . . .


i absolutely positively love it when it rains. i find it highly calming to walk in the rain. if only i had the chance to walk through it without an umbrella. theres an overwhelming feeling about it apart from getting a slight cold from it but somehow i dont really care about that.

unfortunately with these work clothes on, i have to remain dry... have you ever walked in the rain? try it out. its awesome. well, i know some can't *ehem*mama bear*ehem (^^,)

one best moment of my life when i was back in Brunei last June was working with dad during the heavy rain. we had to lift up the planks from the drains to prevent it being carried away by the strong currents. it was great. even mom was standing around watching us without an umbrella. from that moment on, i loved them more. coz from there i saw it is true, no matter sun nor rain, nothing will ever cut our bond as a family. i love my family. i miss them so much.

i thought of that when i was walking towards the office. as i walked along the path onto the bridge, i looked forward to whatever may come in front of me. the slight nibbling on the cheeks (not there. face.) of the cold rain as it began splattering all around me as i passed the bridge. cars racing fast here and there. yet i felt the calmness of the rain enveloping my whole body comforting every nerves and senses. in that very moment, i do what i do best in (apart from doing nothing)... i thanked Allah and gave my sincere smile to the world. come on world, either you go against (which i dont care and will take you head on) or smile with me. oh you're smiling too eh? thank you. Allah bless you always.

i do have one annoying problem though. my hair. without the hair gel (which i hate putting on most of the time coz it makes my scalp itchy) my hair looks like Johnny Bravo gone wrong... urgh... oOOoo, Mama! :P i'm just thankful that i'm not as dumb as him... or am i? hehehe...


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