Monday, September 28, 2009

. . . syawal & bbq . . .


ok i do say that my syawal wasnt that bad at all. apart from missing important figures of my life, i am very well occupied with the lovely people that work and have fun with, my friends and my family in Geneva :)

i do apologize for putting it up late coz i've been particularly busy replacing Karsay on is on a sick leave. hopefully he will be back and fully healthy by this week, amen. but i gotta say, i really love driving and going around.

after a long delay (sorry) i dedicate this post to Mali and her gorgeously wonderful family who had offered us food (YAY!) on the first day of Syawal. her mom is absolutely the best (as to every moms i meet, of course, by far they dont compare to my own lovely mother :) however, all my intentions and verbal expressions come straight from the heart. each woman who is a mother, shall never be left behind without being acknowledged by me!)

anyway, Mali's mom, fantastic! the food was awesome. you could visualize my face like the picture below when i saw the glorious food...

ok i didnt really look like that. i am much cuter and better looking. way off. totally. ok i'll stop. but seriously i look better. ok ok. onwards...

courtesy of 3G (i stole it off from him as usual) pictures of Mali's open house. and to all of them, the wonderful family, i thank you and pray for the best to all of you, amen! oh and keep in mind i am always available when food is around! ah, i mean, to help as well :)

The Bruneian Family in Geneva :)

onwards... again, food does not stop there. just slightly after a week, Ambassador Erih invited us over to the Brunei Residence for a barbeque!!! (double YAY!) yes i am very eccentric when it comes to food. and i am darn proud of it. and as the usual tradition goes, yours truly automatically manned the barbeque. yes sirs and madams, i do my utmost to help when it comes to cooking and eating (well, i'd do more damage on eating if i'm not doing anything so since i didnt want to look like a hog, i took over the bbq pit).

now i want to say this. frankly, the bbq wouldnt be a success without Madam Jacqueline as she prepared the best lambchops and chicken that i have ever tasted so far. but i am sad to say that despite of me manning the bbq pit, i missed out on a lot of dishes. i swore i saw something like a cottage pie. urgh. but no worries, i'm sure there would be another time *hint hint* in a near future... we had a great session together with the colleagues as well as some guests, Mali's wonderful parents!

i do confess i burnt the first batch, but alhamdulillah everyone seemed to enjoy it. its pretty normal i guess since most of us would mistake the heat on the early stages of the bbq. i really enjoyed my afternoon-evening yesterday. i really do hope we could have another soon since winter is just a few blocks away. the summer remnants are slowly pulling away, and so shall the cold start shivering my fragile ba... ok i'll stop here.


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