Thursday, December 17, 2009

. . . 1st week . . .

things was not going to go that easy regardless of the preparations we made. theres always that possibility of the impossible to possibly happen.

brainstorming session

after all of this, i vow to do some serious research of my own. not only that it would benefit myself but it shall be one heck of a help to others. mainly in terms of general knowledge. my tourism senses come back into action in this case. although i hate the fact and idea of tourism (dont ask, i have my own reasons) it truly helps in various ways. in reality, tourism is everywhere. whether you notice it or not.

as you might have seen the pictures in 3471family's blog, there had been a serious incident in regards to the WTO meeting that was held 2 weeks ago. personally i dont know what it was all about but some say its regarding the low earning workers having difficulty in living their lives in such economic downturn. i leave it at that because i myself have my own problems with my own finance and alhamdulillah, so far so good, i manage it successfully on my own.

rumors were that there was supposed to be this manifestation or strike or demonstration that was going to take place in certain parts of the Geneva town during the early days of the WTO meeting. it also said that it would be peaceful. however, people with past experience of such tragedy said it was going to be brutal, especially to innocent people. as i recall, a lot of shop windows were damaged (most of them selling expensive items such as jewelry and watches) as well as a few cars being burned to the crisp. i saw at least 6 cars barbecued.

damages caused during the protests

there were protesters roaming the streets with masks on, a noticeable sign that there is going to be something big happening. i even heard some of the people attending the WTO meeting were stuck in the meeting halls as there were a lot of angry protesters barricading the entrances and exits. however, they came out safely. that's Geneva for you... so much for being safe. i'm just glad that i dont even own a car. having a burnt Mercedes S500 isn't going to make me happy...

an act of kindness

the streets of Charmonix

i suddenly remember my first encounter with these sort of tragedy. if i'm not mistaken, it was late January 2009 when the Davos meeting was held. i was minding my own business and trying to look for food (as it is everyday of my life) it surprised me that i am that capable of running while balancing a burger and a can of soda while running for my life as empty glass bottles were thrown around. i certainly don't want to do that again. at times i do find it funny but what if it was going the wrong way and i get caught up? alhamdulillah i didn't. hence began my long solitude at home during weekends...

our very own 3G with Aldo

to be continued...

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