Wednesday, December 16, 2009

. . . back in business . . .


yeah, fast recovery eh? not really.

to Sir Erih & Mdm Jaq, I FINALLY FOUND OUT THE PASSWORD TO THE WIFI!!! wohoooo!!! hahaha...

due to the top secret mission (well, i'm the only one assuming it) which i was given a month starting from now, i will have to keep you questioning and guessing on my whereabouts. just so you know, i am still in Geneva. for all the fibre and might in me, i absolutely despise this part of the world at this very moment. i don't know for how long but it just sucks. not only the cold is cramping up my style, i feel so suffocated.

but with Allah's grace, in the position i am now, i love it. the surrounding is just perfect for me and i have no doubt that i would enjoy the next days (with a few holidays coming up) in peace, serenity, salvation, severe sanity and best of all, silence. a long time comrade of mine which i hold dearly to my heart and soul.

the previous weeks was the hardest ever that i have gone thru so far. never have i worked so hard. surprisingly i made it thru even so bruised and battered (seriously). i haven't recovered fully yet. every inch of my body hurts and most of the time i can't feel any part of it. the cold keeps getting colder every single moment passes by. i've been shivering so hard everyday. so hard that i could make fire with the friction. even the sunny view from the hotels we worked in last week (ok, so it wasn't that sunny. gloomy to be exact) wasn't enough to make me smile nor put my mind away from all the things that cannot be avoided. i can't clearly remember the last time i had a good sleep. frankly, i don't even know if i slept at all. the eye always auto opens at a certain time, also known as early or just the perfect hour to start the day. even now i can't sleep properly. my mind is always set and questioning myself on what do i have to do at that time.

i've lost weight throughout the work period which really makes me angry. don't get me wrong, i've been trying to lose weight. thats the part i hate the most. when i try, it doesn't work. but once i realised, i've lost like 10kgs. its good to know i lost a lot but its bad that i didn't know about it. ok you are confused. the thing is, i would really like to notice myself losing weight, i think you could understand that.

my phone has been ringing so much, i physically hold it in the palms of my hand and answer it as fast as an eye can normally blink. i even sleep with it and still its in my palm. talk about being ready... i never fail on surprising myself at times.

i am very thankful to those who have been together thru the thick and thin. i also thank them for giving me the opportunity to do things way out of my normality. i must say, truthfully, as bad and as tiring as it may be, i enjoyed it. working with great people is one thing that i treasure most. sometimes i always feel that i am doing this thing alone or rather i shouldn't be doing it at all... but at those times too, i think others have gone thru worse and more things than i do.

to be continued...

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