Tuesday, December 22, 2009

. . . 2nd week . . .

i've been meaning and hoping that one day that i would be at Kempinski Hotel. i love it there. i'm not promoting them. no. i just love it there. i find that the hoteliers are much more responsive than other hotels i have been so far. i've grown quite close to them even during the pre-preparation day... just a few days before the 2nd group came.

the hotel prepping for christmas

most of the times i would want to just go away from the hotel just to keep me away from the stress.

i must say, what i did during the 2nd week surprised me much. so far, i don't remember missing out any duties and i was very happy even to stay there till late at night. i still don't like that fact of the rooms very confusing... and very far.

work and life was easy although we had the normal events that we get confused on car positions. but apart from that, things went great.

colorful balls... *snickers*

the cold though, wasn't that much of help. my ears nearly fell off, my face started to be more redder than usual, my fingers became dry and cracked (basically i would just have to slide my fingers on any itchy surface rather than scratch)... just terrible. the cold is not a best friend to me. even when i really want it during hot days.

however, the last night of duty, things didn't go as i planned it to be. a guest left a small object and i had to go over back to the hotel to get it. now, as a warning to others who chooses to stay in Geneva, don't take it for granted that everything seems safe and not much of a fuss. people aren't that nice when it comes to the streets. the office car can be my witness after the windshield wipers were broken and cut off... i dunno how or why. i was just happy that it didn't rain or snow that night because that would certainly be a big problem to me.


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