Wednesday, February 3, 2010

. . . happy birthday to Abd Rahim! . . .


yes yes i know its weird but who gives a hoot of what you think. they're our pets and i love them to death (although i nearly encounter death everytime they headbutt my friggin arse most of the time). the actual birthdate of Abd Rahim is 31st Jan 2009.

what was once cute, cuddly (yes, they dont stink much when they're young) and innocent... is now fully grown, full of raging male testosterone, eating machine and humping (yes) goat/monster. good god. seriously he's grown that fast. the only thing i am really worried about are the horns! eeekkk... i remember running for my life when his dad, Yusop, eyeballed and ran at full speed with horns sticking out. i swear he had like a fit or something. or he just had the thrills of scaring a lil innocent boy... *smiling and sparkling eyes* lols!

anyway, lets see the changes so far...

Abd Rahim before...

Abd Rahim now... you can tell he has that
'Tough S.O.B' written on his face

it doesn't take a chemical engineer or a rocket scientist to tell you the difference. he's friggin huge! even looking at his picture makes me winch and wanna run for my life! but come to think of it, the horns are not that upright and bent sideways... i hope he doesn't know or learn to sway his head coz that will do much damage. my ass can't take such brutal impact...

and here are the other bros, abd raham and abd rahum... they've grown quick too! the pair are hard to separate... twins indeed... well, not exact twins. cute and inseparable...

beats having a mowing machine :)

i've left Brunei for two years and counting... i only went back for a while last June 2009. things have changed a lot back home. one thing never does, missing home sweet home and my family... at least now i can put my mind off it with my brand-spanking-new ps3 :) more news on it next time.

up to his usual behaviour... but caught red handed!

again, i know its a bit late but its never too late for birthdays for me... Happy Birthday Abd Rahim!!! oh, he's just 1 year old by the way... surprised? welcome to my world of surprises... the world you wanna be in and i am effing happy that i am in it :)


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