Thursday, February 18, 2010

. . . the situation . . .


much to my realization and surprise, its already 2010. i cant remember exactly if i did a post on it. apparently my head, up until now, was still stuck in 2009. em, belated happy new year? i guess? haha... frankly it doesnt really matter too much for me. all this while i feel very unproductive in so many different levels. theres not much to update really. ever since my return from the holiday i had to Zurich, i've been relentlessly searching for a new apartment. yes, i'm nagging about it again and no, i havent had that much luck in it.

i dont know what i'm doing wrong actually. maybe i need more papers and proof. its not a small matter when it comes to spending a hefty lot on poursuites (its like a letter from the Swiss goverment that i am 'clean' and properly staying in Geneva). i can't even remember exactly on how many visits i made to view apartments. but i can only remember one word, regret. well, not that i am regretting, its just the way it goes here. bla bla bla... we regret to inform you that you were not chosen to be given the apartment... bla bla bla horseshit. all that kinda thing. if another person says 'u'll get used to being turned down' again, i'd personally give em all a free undiscounted fart on the face.

seriously, what does it take to get an apartment here? its unbelievably hard. i guess thats part of trying to improve your life in the world... well in this part of the world. eff that. i do confess happily that i save a lot eventhough theres not stop unsuccessfulness in the apartment hunt. so much so that i bought a PS3 out of sheer impulse. that came really unplanned. i planned to do the plan on planning on buying the PS3 after i got an apartment. but hey, come to think of it, rather than sulking and whining that i have a small apartment, might as well make that tininess of space comfortable. its not that bad actually. lets put it into an equation shall we?
small space
buy less things so it doesnt clog up your room
save lotsa monaaayyyy!!!

ok so i'm not that smart in maths or equations but it does make sense to me.

its like being a fly on shit. seriously. i cant bear to be far apart from the PS3. i stopped playing the Playstation like ages ago. its really a hard comeback for me. the visual effects are amazing. yeah i'm a noob but it definitely bought me to a new level of having fun. i dont regret on having it. probably i'm gonna spend a bit more on purchasing the games but thats part of having money, they dont stay in your wallet. but alhamdulillah so far i managed to restrain myself from more impulse moves. i was really close on buying an XBox 360 a few days ago. phew. that was a hard fight against my demons. it was either that or a flat screen tv. its a routine or a tradition i guess. you buy one thing, you would buy another to make it better.if course as you all know, HD is the in thing nowadays. but i do understand the thumb rule. or was it rule of thumb. eff it. the rule. once a new thing comes up, wait a bit. theres bound to be an offer. sale, stock clearance etc. so i'm pretty friendly with patience :)

finally got to skype with the lovable parents last monday. it felt so good to see and know that they are perfectly fine and healthy. mom looks chubby but dad as usual is skinny. seriously dad, lay off the work a bit, get some time for yourself and enjoy relaxation as well as eat more. i guess it runs down from father to child, being workaholics. ok so i dont do much on physical movements, but i do try. but anyways, much love to them both and may they be in Allah's grace forever and beyond, amin, selamat selamat selamat...

i am excited and happy to see that the Mama Bear is also having a great time with her new camera and brand new oven :) currently her blog seems to be full of recipes and it pretty much threatens the Papa Bear! they all look incredible. i do seriously miss her Begedils ;( anything made with love by her is such a blessing. yes, i do agree with the saying, good food makes way to the man's heart. maybe one day we can do a cook off and let our parents be the judges, eh? hehehe... keep up the great work Mama Bear, Allah bless you always...

i've certainly been slacking on the food matter. lately i've grown lazy to cook. it always boils down to instant noodles... was that a pun? i dont think so. but yeah. i gotta reshuffle my food routines. a boy needs to grow into a healthy man now. but so far my food cravings are cut down due to the PS3 :) yes i do not regret on buying it. hahahaha... and i've been really sober on Red Bull. i cant get Nutella out of my system yet but they are in small doses now. i resorted on getting the small bottles. yes, plural. BOTTLES :P but still!!! that is a drastic change! usually i go non stop till the last spoonful of Nutella. now i have to pause for a few minutes before i open a new bottle :) see? there is a change!


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